Un-race car’d

Yep, spent the morning taking all of the track stuff out of Roxy. No more harness and swapped out the Yokohama’s for the Pirelli’s. Pulled off all the decals and gave her a quick wax. Oh yea, used the last of my NXT wash today too.

Red Line Events is having another day at SOWS week after next that I am going to try to make. 1 day, $100. Not a bad deal. Racerfactory is going back out to Pahrump in October, but I really don’t think I can make that one. Dang.

I have also been giving some serious consideration into getting Roxy some more horsepower. Out at SOWS, I was totally able to keep up with all the MCS’, but I had to slow way down to let them pass me on the straights. I need more power!

I could do a camshaft and some head work, but from what I’ve read the cost is about $2K for about 10hp. Seems pretty pricy to me. I could turbo, but none of the makers have gotten the carb sticker for it yet that I have seen. I also have this really crazy idea of looking for a junked MCS that has a good drivetrain and swapping out. This would probably be the most expensive and involved of them all.

Or, I could just get an S. I’m still thinking…

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  1. Hey no disrespect intended but, why try and turn silver into gold. You keep up with the MCS’ because of your driving ability, they pass you on the straights because they can. If you can’t afford a new one do as I did buy used. I saved a LOT of bucks and the car only had 3,000 miles on it when I got it Just imagine what you could do if ya had the MCS grunt…RB

  2. Not a fan of theVR color but I like eggs. My choice would have been either all CR or Yel/Blk. I like the VR up close but from afar ir just looks brown. My MCS is S/Blk. Not my 1st choice and BORING but
    the price was right, it was a MINI and the company that sold me the car flew my wife and I out to FL put us up and gave us a new Jag S to drive while they detailed the car. That sealed it.

    One of these days I’m gonna come out and see you hot shoes do the track stuff. There’s an even somewhere in San Diego area I have wanted to try where they do a timed rallye and start and finish at some guys mansion for a BBQ…RB

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