v36 update and others

Roxy’s in the shop this morning having the passenger side seat back fixed, after already having the drivers side replaced. Got some information from the *new* SA at Crevier.

First off, Crevier now has a MINI only Service Advisor. Very cool. First thing he asked me after looking at Roxy (with her cracked windshield) is “stress crack?”. I wish. Anyway, Crevier now has the v36 update in house, English and German versions. I told him that it didn’t fix everything on mine, but was about a 90% fix. He told me that v36 is not a 100% fix for the MC, on the MCS. I thought that was interesting. No word on when or if a proper upgrade for the MC will be coming out. I will try for that information later.

Anyone else have problems with their seats? I find it odd that both seats have gotten stuck or broken in such a short time span.

Found out some rough pricing as well for my next upcoming service visits. Sometime next week I will be hitting the magical 36K miles mark and will be falling out of service. My next stop is just for oil and filter change, runs a bit more than $100. The one after that tho is a monster. Not sure what is involved but I was told that it will cost in the neighborhood of $600! Guess I need to start saving those pennies now eh? By my calculations, I will probably be in for that service stop some time in July or Auguest.

Vacation updates to come later tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned. Don’t forget that almost all of the updates and information will be posted here. It’s free, you don’t have to signup if you don’t want to (yes, you can even post in that forum) and you can read all about the funkmasters monkey adventures!