Vacation Caravan

Details details…Here are the details:
Where: Ontario Mills, NW Corner behind the AMC movie theatre.
When: Friday, Feb. 6th, 2004, as early as possible
Who: All SoCal MINI owners, club affiliation does not matter


Caravan to what promises to be one of the largest MINI events ever!

The format will be a staggered start. Depending on the number of MINI’s that arrive, groups of 5-10 will leave in 5 minute increments. Start time for the first group will be 9:00 AM SHARP and continue until all MINI’s are on the way! From this location, it is possible for all MINI’s (MC and MCS) to arrive in Vegas without any stops. For those of you that travel a bit faster than most, which is becoming increasingly difficult on this stretch of road, there will be a stop in Barstow or Baker, again depending on the number of MINI’s that are caravaning. More information when the numbers start to shape up.

The staggered start is necessary to avoid clogging the only road into Vegas from SoCal with MINI’s. That would only draw much un-needed attention to the group and really get the weekend started off on the wrong foot.

Some things to remember:
-I15 is HEAVILY patrolled on the weekends. Combined with the never ending construction and get away traffic, mind your speedo. It’s that big round thing in the center of dash, unless you’ve got Nav. In that case, consult your owner’s manual.
-My guess is that the Nevada State Troopers already know about this and will be keeping a close eye. I HIGHLY recommend following the posted speed limits from Stateline in Vegas. Consider this your warning.
~There are 3 main stopping points along the way if you so wish. The first being the Outlet shops in Barstow. The second being the large lot across the street from Bun Boy in Baker and the third being the outlet shops in Stateline. Gas, food, coffee and potty are all accessable at any of these locations.

Questions? email