Vegas Baybeeee

This is tomorrow! Holy cow!

First, go over and check the event schedule. There is a whole lot happening.

Next, print yourself a map from Ontario MIlls to the Stardust.

Next, double check your check list. Besides the normal stuff like clothes, there are the MINI things you might want to bring along:
~A fresh can of Stoner’s glass cleaner and a new roll of blue paper towels
~Some quick detailer (Meguiar’s or Mothers) and a few microfiber towel
~Your duster
~More microfiber towels.

Also, make sure that your baby is CLEAN! Take the extra minute and really make your MINI shine!

Otherwise, those of you going via caravan, I will see you in the morning. Those of you leaving early for the pulley party or to really avoid traffic, you’ll see me when I get there!