Vegas Pics

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Pics are posted!
Wow! I still can’t get over what an awesome weekend this was! I only wish that I had a chance to go on some of the group drives, judging from some of the pics I’ve seen (unkpylot’s pics are here), it looked like some awesome roads and scenery!

The good lad Joshua also posted a few of his pics here. He did a decent write-up on the whole weekend too.

While in Vegas I did get a chance to talk to the guy with the Turbo MC (the one with the big TURBO decal on the side). This excites me. If it weren’t for the cost, I’d be doing this right now! I didn’t see any paper work, but claim was 200hp with 7psi of boost. Power comes on at approx. 2500 RPM. After 8K miles he has claimed no problems at all. Well, maybe after I finish the brakes and suspension mods.

Also, Big Mike was able to get his MC on the dyno and the results were amazing! He has done the same mods I have, plus the M7 plasma booster thing and ECU reprogramming and his dyno run was at 145HP! WOOHOO!!! That’s the magic number! at 145HP, the MC has the same power to weight ratio as a stock MCS. Again, I didn’t see any slips, but I know his PS MC is pretty fast!

Ok, what’s next?