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For future reference, should anyone ask, if you hit a curb in your car, there is a chance that you can do a little bit of damage.

That’s right gang, I pulled the king-of-the-idiots stunt today by driving right up and over a curb at a speed faster enough to put me up and over the curb. Now, when that happens many a thing can go wrong with your vehicle. If you have bullet-proof wheels like I do, then the bulk of the bone-jarring force is absorbed into the tires. And, as was my case, it can do bad things. Like split the sidewall.

Luckily, I buy my tires from Discount/America’s Tire with the extra road-side damage warranty. In short, the good lads were able to replace my tire (although, not with the same, but that’s another post) For around $35 (taxes and fees on the tire installed). Not only was it cheap, but they are always nice, usually pretty fast and they run a very clean shop. It’s where I get all my tires and you should too.

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  1. I was following a MINI that kerbed their rear wheel and bounced the car so hard it blew the air-bags, disabling the car till the dealer came out and reset things. Also took a small chunk out of the rim (but the run-flats still things together).

    Not a pretty sight.

  2. I hit a bit of oil in a traffic circle, “understeered” into the curb at about 50kph (~30 mph) and proceeded to separate the spokes from my rim, break the brake disc, bend the lower wishbone, damage the steering rack, ball joint, etc. All told it cost me (ok, the insurance) somewhere in the ball park of 5k. Oh, and part of that was because I needed 4 new rims as the Kazera’s I had are no longer made in the right size. Wait a minute, what was my point?? Oh yeah, I agree with you db, curbs SUCK!

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