what time is it?

Have you checked out the MINI Motoring gear site lately? Did you know there are 7 different MINI related ways to tell the time available for purchase there? I’ve got the Speedo watch, and there is the Cucukoo Clock. But now there is a watch that will hold 256MB of data and transfer data via USB cable? That would be cool if I knew it would talk to my camera.

Also, out here in SoCal everyone, or so it would seem, has been or is upgrading to aftermarket wheels. This of course has me thinking. No, not because I have to do what everyone else does, but because Roxy needs just a little something more to complete the look. I was really big on the Konig Traffics a while back, but now I’m not so sure. Do I want a big heavy shiny chrome wheel for cruising around, or something lighter? Maybe a set of spinners? I know, the choices are endless. If I make a descision, you’ll be the first to know!