Where are all of the MINIs?

I still can’t figure out why i hardly ever seen one driving on the road. i know they are out there, they must be hiding because they know that mine is on order. i think that over the last month i have seen less than 6 on the road, and there is one that is pretty close to my house even (or so i’m told).

i did, however, see an Opel that was in pretty fair shape this morning. it was the corvette looking one, bright yellow with some funky body kit on the back. otherwise it was a sharp car! i have an uncle that had a little opel coupe (about the same size as a datsun b210) that he even used to rally race with. talk about a ride! crazy, but i was MUCH younger then and thought it was a blast (eventhough I almost got car sick).

production date still hasn’t changed, neither has the option that i ordered. I sent MINIUSA an email asking about that, and the reply I got back was that the ’03 model information hasn’t officially been release. I was told that the update should happen in a few weeks.

So far, I’ve sent 2 emails to MINIUSA, and every response was extremely prompt and helpful. On one of them, they asked to me reply with more infomation and their response was the same hour! Glad to see that they, appear at least, really have their sh*t together.