Win a MINI

And get yet another free email address (like I needed another email address). Anyway…

AOL is running a promotion to help jump start their new AIM Mail service. If you are running AIM, good chance you already have an address. Just fill out the form to get the free MINI.

In other news, I have acquired a non-iPod MP3 player. Has anyone had any luck connecting one up to their stereo without using an FM transmitter? This is probably where the Aux adapter comes in handy if I had to guess, right?

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  1. Well dang…guess I’m gonna have to get the Euro shelf too then so I have someplace to put the device. Looks like a stop at the dealer today at lunch time.

    Thanks Josh!

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  2. I do have the euro shelf, but had my aux input in the glove box. So I found a new ’05 cupholder and my Zen Nomad sits there.
    Enjoy yours!

  3. Looking at the ‘official’ install docs, the glove box is where it would be installed. I’m not sure if that is where I want to put it yet or not. But I like your idea!

  4. aux adaptor $40 well worth it. i have a lyra 20gb constantly connected. player fits securely in cup holder provided with my 04 cooper. glove box door will shut over input with no problem.

    good luck

  5. sweet! Thanks. I just got the adapter yesterday and will be installing it this weekend.

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