Window problem

As reported on Motoringfile last month, there is a minor issue with the passenger side window not rolling down. I’ve mentioned it before in more than 1 post.

From the article:

Apparently, quite a few window motors have been replaced for this or a similar “failure,” sometimes, with the window up and sometimes with it down. What this tech told me was that the contacts on the motor become loose and fail to send current to the motor. I was also told that a quick few taps with a closed fist on the door interior just above the speaker should solve the problem, at least temporarily

I tried this technique before and it didn’t work. But, Saturday morning it was acting up again. So I gave 3 quick raps to the door panel directly above the speaker and whaddya know. The window rolled right down and hasn’t been a problem since.

So, I guess that does work.

4 replies on “Window problem”

  1. Well, ya. There is that.

    The even more bad part is that there isn’t a fix. The replacement motors have the same problem. Oh well. Least I didn’t spend the $250 to have it fixed.

  2. If it really was the ‘Fonzie Fix’, should I just have to shoot it a ‘I’m-gonna-hit-you-if-you-don’t-work-right-now’ look? I remember that he only ever hit the jukebox, but everything else he appearantly used PSP :)

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