Year end wrap up

Close enough at any rate.

Since Aug. 1st (when dbmini actually went *live*)
unique visitors: 2190
total visits: 5722
page views: 24978 ( ! )
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Not to bad for a shabby little MINI Cooper site eh?

I’d like to thank all of you that keep visiting.
~Thanks for looking at my crappy pictures
~Reading my rants
~Pointing out mistakes

So much has happened that it just made this year fly by. Seemed like only last week we were at Pahrump driving our funny little cars around the track. And the week before that sloshing through the rain so we could have pastries and get a discount at Moss! Or getting baked by the summer sun at the Picnic and Grape Stomp.

It’s been 35,000 miles (since Mar06), and I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for anything! Well, that’s a lie, since I have the winning lotto ticket for tonight, but you know what I mean.

Thank you!!!!

“Here’s to the New Year. May she be better than the last and bring all of us health, happiness and even more well motored miles!”



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