Your predictions

Talking with future MINI owner jSchwa about MINI United earlier today.

db:ok….how many minis with lambo doors are doing to be at MU?



j:that’s pretty strong

j:it’s those crazy russians

db:hmmmm..maybe a dbmini poll might be in order

j:you give ’em a little capitalism, next thing you know they’re putting lambo doors on everything


j:on ladas, on yugos, even on donkeys

db:lambo doors on donkeys?

j:they’re non functional

What about you, the fine reader of the What do you think we can expect to see (and, of course, take pictures of) while at MINI United? How many cars with lambo doors? Odd/cool/different body work? Out-of-control stereo systems? Painted arches that aren’t the same color of the body? Anything. Predict away and I’ll be sure to keep the list handy while I’m there to get pictures of the coolest and weirdest MINIs I see.

Only 2 more weeks too until I head out. Yea, ok, now I might be a little excited.

Oh yea, in case you missed the links (I’ll get ’em on the sidebar soon enough).

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  1. I say 0. I just don’t think too many Europeans are going to be in to that sort of thing on their MINI.

    All though are the folks from newministuff in the UK going to be there? I bet they’ll have a some pretty cool electronics in whatever MINI they bring along…

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