’04 North American MINI Challenge

MINI Challenge is coming up! From nasaproracing.com:

We have been able to define a package that meets all the goals. If one makes all the allowable modifications to a Cooper, the component cost is approximately $4,600 and the Cooper S is approximately $7,600, exclusive of wheels. A complete list of the authorized modifications, specified components as well as series regulations and a few photos can be found here.

Track performance for the Cooper was recently measured at the NASA 25 Hour Endurance Race held December 6-7, 2003 at Thunderhill Raceway Park, in Willows, California. A Cooper S prepared to Grand-Am ST specifications had its best lap time of 2:08.9; A showroom stock Cooper from SCCA SSC has its best lap time of 2:20.2; A Cooper prepared to the MINI Challenge specification turned in its best lap time at 2:16.4. The drivers reported the MINI Challenge cars were very easy to drive, well balanced and predictable. Unfortunately, we did not have a MINI Challenge prepared Cooper S at the event to properly gauge it’s relative performance.

The MINI Challenge modifications do not diminish the cars ability to be used comfortably for daily use. In fact, it is enhanced by aftermarket upgrades that will be added by many enthusiasts. The decals and the roll cage may be the only difference from many well prepared, street driven MINI’s.

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Now this is more like it. More research will definitely ensue!