Gas prices

Yet again.

Here in California, all of you MINI folks that are using Premium gasoline in your baby (as you should per the official MINI Owners Manual), can expect the price to continue to rise, quite possibly higher than that of regular unleaded. Why?

Currently, the refineries are in the process of switching from ‘summer’ blend gasoline to ‘winter’ blend gasoline. I just found out that this change over is going to affect the production of Premium fuel. Besides higher prices you can also expect to see outages at stations that don’t sell as much of it as others. This is going to last approximately 6-8 weeks. At which point I would suspect that premium prices will return to whatever normal levels exist at that time.

I’ve already seen $2.65, and others have seen higher!

This, on top off already record prices for oil, could and probably will result in $3.00 a gallon! What are you going to do when that happens? I know I’m going to have a really hard time putting almost $40 of gas into a 13 gallon tank.

And, out of curiosity, for those of you that actually experience winter, is the higher prices of oil actually affecting your energy costs?

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  1. Yep, the cost of heating oil goes up just as badly. Which can be quite a shock to people who don’t use the ‘balanced billing’ (costs are spread out over the year) plans. Most people use natural gas, which well, still goes up in price…

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gas prices

Had to fill up this AM since I had not the time to do it yesterday. I was almost empty and took a bit more than 12.5 gallons. At $2.449 per, that was a $31.00 fill-up! That’s $10 more than about 2 weeks ago.

I’ve decided against using regular unleaded for the time being, as the savings aren’t quite enough.

So, anyone think the price of super will hit $3.00?

Gas prices

If you need gas, get it today. That, or don’t be surprised when you see prices that are .08-.10 (or more) higher than they are today!

Also, take a minute and check out Steve’s MINI blog. He’s got some nifty how-to’s there and everything. Not to mention a pretty keen lookin’ MINI!