brakes and tires

In the rain for the first time.
Front brakes: Powerslot rotors, EBC Greenstuff pads
Tires: Yokohama AVS ES 1000
The brakes worked awesome! There wasn’t any hesitation or problems at all from the wet. And the tires stick almost like it’s dry.

I was going to post something about the convertible, but I’m sure you’ve already read everything at Bridger’s site and seen all of the pictures. Personally, I don’t really care to much for the cabriolet myself. While I like the way it looks with the top down, when the top comes back up I’m out. The shape isn’t quite right. Of course, this judgement is based entirely on pictures. The first time I saw the gold was at MINIUSA on the configurator, which does not do that color justice!

I’ll just hold off and wait until I can check one out in person.