New MINI print Ad

I had this one waiting for me at my desk this morning, titled LET’S SCORE SOME GOOD KARMA. It is a score card that has items listed on such as waving to another motorer, saying have a good day to the toll booth operator and giving someone a jump. Set up in game format with about 10 cards attached, I’m sure it would be a hoot to play.

But, on the front of this is the following:

You’ll notice the first thing on the list is waving to another motorer. While this will only get you 5 points, don’t for a moment think it’s any less important that the rest. In fact, it’s something we feel people aren’t doing enough of these days. We’re not quote sure why. But it makes us sad. C’mon everyone. Let’s be friendly out there.

Amen to that! And I thought I was the only one.

Also on the same side, at the bottom is typical disclaimer print:

The MINI Motoring Score Card works on most surfaces, including asphalt, dirt, grass, gravel and cememt. The score card should not be used to keep score in other activities such as football, golf, miniature golf, badminton or backgammon. Avoid sliding the edge of the score card across your skin at a high velocity. This may cause some discomfort.

Look for it in your latest automobile magazine.