100K+ miles?

Does your odometer have a 1 followed by 5 digits? Are you getting close? I thought I would take a moment to offer a reminder of some things that you might want to keep an eye on as your MINI creeps up in miles.

My MINI is a November ’02 build 2003 Cooper. Starting at 90K miles, besides normal maintenance, I have had to do the following:

  • Brakes. At 90K and 160K (love those EBC pads!)
  • Replace the Battery
  • Replace the A/C unit
  • Replace the spark plugs (about 140K I believe)
  • Replace the plug wires (past due. Should have with the new plugs)

Still needs to be done

  • Wiring harness replaced
  • Airbag light fixed

I’m getting error lights every now and again and I’m told by my service department that I have a bad wiring harness. I remember it was and expensive fix. I’m not sure about the airbag light tho. It was fixed twice under the extended warranty, but it came back on both times.

If you have an MCS and your are getting up and over 100K miles, you might want to start getting pricing for a super charger replacement. I’ve heard of 1 that has gone over 150K miles, but all of the others fail at about 120K. You don’t want to get stranded one night if it should fail.

Other things you might need or want

  • Sunblock refill. With all that motoring, you must be getting low!
  • New rechargeable battery for your camera or a flickr pro account. Come on, you know you want to!
  • Update your bookmark to Motoringfile.com (it’s hasn’t been bridger.us/mini in a very long time. Let it go).
  • Post a pic of your odometer to let everyone else know how much you motor!
  • even with all of those miles, there has to be someplace you haven’t been. Now would be the perfect time to go there

And, if you are worrying, don’t! Besides the things I’ve listed above, my MINI has been rock solid!

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  1. Aside from replacing the A/C I now need to get the airbag light turned off. (But that only went on after getting rear-ended last week.)

    Already did the plugs-and-wires, brakes (Hawk pads though), went Flickr Pro, and odometer pics. You really think I need sunblock?

    I haven’t been to Hawaii though. How long do you think it’d take to drive there?

  2. I heard about the rear-ending. That happened to me last year and it sucked. Luckily, Crevier’s Body shop is top notch and got me fixed up as good as new!

    You could probably skip the sunblock. Buy another beer instead ;)

  3. Replacing the AC? You meant the compressor? Do you wait for it to fail or do you plan on taking it in and having the old one replaced while its still going?

  4. Yes the compressor. Mine failed on me, then I replaced it. I would recommend the same course of action of anyone. When it does fail, it doesn’t affect the way your MINI runs, just weather or not you get cool air in the summer time.

  5. Ok – it sounded like preventive maintenance in your post, but its not, its just failing with age/use..

  6. is the failing wiring harness a common fault? what is the expense here – parts or labour?

    i’m such a chicken amongst the hawks here. my 2005 mcs clocked to 30k KILOMETERS on Aug 1 2007. personally I have only done 10 000 of those kilometers.

    but i did drive my previous 2005 MCS from new until 39 000km.

    still, i think yours is definitely bigger than mine in this case…

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