“Can you read me the current odometer reading”


We then went back in and completed the paper work. Roxy was no longer mine.

It’s no secret that I have been looking for another car for the past few months. With Roxy getting up in miles and the frequency of odd noises and new rattles rapidly increasing, it was time. My plan was to keep her and add another car to the stable, eventually relegating full time track duties to her.

On January 22nd, 2014, I was doing my daily internet check when I found a very rare MINI.


That is a 2008 R56 MINI Cooper. It does not have a sunroof. It does have manual transmission and sport package and less than 60k miles on the clock. And it was listed for less than $10,000. At that price and configuration, I knew a car like this wouldn’t come around again for a while.

So I moved on it.

It was a painless experience, oddly enough, but 3 hours after arriving at my local Auto Nation Nissan dealer, he was mine. All i’s were crossed and t’s dotted. I cleared my stuff out of Roxy, said good bye and signed on the dotted line. Already added an additional 500 miles on him and I have to say I do like an R56. You can here my thoughts, day of, on [this week’s show](http://www.whiteroofradio.com/woofcast-537/).

Welcome to dbmini.us v2.0 – The R56 Edition. Updates to follow.

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  1. Congratulations. Still love my 2010 R56 Cooper. I have over 100K miles already. Now I’m looking to beat your 305,397 miles. Mine is Pepper White, Black Roof. Manual. About as basic as you can get. I’ve only done cosmetic stuff to mine (scuttles, JCW grill, badges, Platypus) plus some interior bits (the “squeezy thing” and center console tray).

    I am interested to see what you do. I’ve toyed with the idea of going for the DDM intake, but I am afraid that I might get tired of the drone. Will be interested if you go that route, and what you do to the suspension and wheels. I don’t recall there being a good exhaust option.

    I am really sick of my wheels (15″ 5 Star Spoolers), but the ride is good. Thinking of going for the Black Bullets down the road. I actually like your Bridge Spokes, so if you go for something else, let me know. I think those 18″ Matte Black JCW wheels that Todd mentioned would look really good (I’d like them for my car). You could go for a WC50 look (except it had the 17″ Cross Spoke, which would be more livable).

    Here are some of my bits:

    Center Console Tray:

    JCW Grill:

    Here’s that intake. I think Chad likes this unit. I emailed a LONG time ago about it, because I don’t think it is CARB approved, and I am in CA.



  2. Thanks Bryan!

    I’m skipping the go fast mods to begin with. I want to do something about the stereo, get rid of the graphics and plan a new scheme (photos of existing to follow) and get this car more low. I’m thinking coil-overs. Also thinking about getting my extra set of 5 stars powder coated black to use instead of the wheels that are on it now, or the JCW wheels that Todd has.

  3. I would be tempted to powder coat those wheels in white with your car with its white roof and mirrors. Those 5 star wheels are easy(-ish) to clean, and we know they look good in white, because that used to be an option. But, they are probably still a pain to keep clean. Black would be easier. I just think the white would look slick. Is the offset different?

    I’m in no hurry to mod my suspension. I’ll wait and see what you do and then go from there. I may opt for a sway bar sooner rather than later.

  4. Thanks Jim!

    @Bryan – I thought about powder coating these too, but do them in white. That way I’m covered no matter how I feel. But I’m not a huge fan of these wheels, so I’m conflicted.

    Totes ok if you want to live vicariously through me. And good call on the sway bar. This MINI has a JCW strut brace (I have no idea why) and along with more low I want to add a rear sway as well, possibly the same H-Sport that I had on Roxy. That was a very nice piece.

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