While out in Quartzite this passed weekend, I was able to get some shots of my, as not yet named so stop effing asking, new MINI. Including the roof graphics. Once the weather warms up, all vinyl is coming off of this car (possibly including the tint) and getting redone.

I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on the roof. I think it’s awful. The redo will be with stripes. Still need to talk to Todd about that. And to remove the clear bra.

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  1. Well Hiya Don… Its been ages since I graced the pages of any MINI site, I was TwistyBitz, but had to ask… what was the final mileage on your old MINI and what happened to it? Must be in the MINI hall of fame…;-)

    I have to agree with your opinion of the roof graphics…UGH! Stripes are better.

    Still loving my Fiat Abarth at 23k. Not one problem so far… well one odd thing with the sunroof… 105ยบ and over it will only close if I open and close it several times… under 105 it works fine.

    Well, I hope you are happy with the new car and you get as MINI miles as you did with your original one.


    BTW… be careful going thru Quartzite… lotsa Highway Patrons.

    1. Thanks Rob! Final mileage was 305,397. Not too shabby in my book. Only wish I could have kept her.

  2. WOW! I wished MINI had made something I liked after 2007 but sadly it didn’t. I miss the camaraderie and the comfy seats that my Fait doesn’t have.. but that’s about it.

    Ciao…Motor On!

  3. It would be a shame for those graphics to go to waste. Perhaps they can be preserved and reapplied on Gabe’s MINI. I am sure he would appreciate those.

  4. Congratulations, and welcome to the exclusive world of 2nd Gen Coopers with manual tranny. (Mine is a normally aspirated R59 with JCW trim in and out…a rare beast indeed.)

    Have fun with the forthcoming youification!

    1. White stripes on the bonnet and boot, no stripes on the roof. At least, that’s the current plan.

  5. Don… Not to be a bother but I’ve been trying to block notifications from your site for a bit with no luck. Not that your site isn’t interesting but MINI stuff isn’t a priority any longer. Thanks.

  6. I think I have unsubscribed you from Notifications and removed your email address.

    At any time, you can click the manage subscriptions link below the post box to update what you are notified about.

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