After a solid week, I’m confident in my decision to buy this MINI. Sure, he is not perfect, but overall a solid runner. As you will hear in the next episode of [White Roof Radio](, I am still coming to grips with the size of this MINI. While not _that_ much larger than the R50, it does feel _that_ much larger, especially from the inside.

I’m finding a few minor issues with the appearance that I will have to correct. First up will be a complete exterior detail. I’m pretty sure this car has never seen the business end of a piece of claybar, let alone polish. That, of course, will have to be done after I remove the roof graphic and all of the clear bra. Speaking of clear bra, it looks horrible. Makes the car look horrible and hides the shine of the paint. I would rather have rock chips than this stuff. I’m also talking with Todd about some stripes for him and hope to get that done at AMVIV.

Moving on to the wheels, they are a bit rough in places and, if I’m honest, one of my least favorite MINI wheels. They look ok, but who among us has tried to clean them? Good grief, I just did that and it took me a solid 1/2 hour and they still aren’t as clean as they can be. Not helped by the fact this car still has factory brake pads.

On the inside, it’s amazingly nice. Piano black interior, cloth seats, rubber mats. All in excellent shape. While I’m not a fan of rubber mats (I live west of the Rockies and prefer carpet), I’m keeping them for a little while. The one thing that will be changed sooner than later is the tint. Sure, it’s plenty dark, but it’s the cheap stuff. Roxy had the top of the line ceramic tint at 30%. He will be getting the same treatment.

Also on the inside is the stereo. Honestly, what an extreme disappointment. The stock system in the R50 sounds like the HK in the R56 by comparison. I will be looking into some kind of upgrades there as budget allows. I don’t need a booming system, but **some** bass would be nice.

Another in the list of mods will be a JCW body kit. Mine is on order. They are practically giving them away out here, how could I not? I drove an [R56 Cooper]( with that kit and 15″ wheels if you recall and it looked pretty sharp. What will make it look even better will be a little bit more low (including a rear sway bar upgrade happening soon) and different wheels. I’m thinking about trying the extra 5 Stars that I have, possibly powder coating them [insert color here].

Nice to have a post like this, talking about my car and the things I want to do to him, as opposed to things I need to do. Exciting times lie ahead!

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  1. Congrats. I sure enjoy your enthusiasm over your new car. You found all that extra room in the r56 cause you are so much more skinner.

  2. I have the Bridgespoke wheels on mine, and they are the worst to clean. I endured years of the stock pads too, resulting in perm-dirt between the spokes. But honestly, back in 07-08 they were the better choice of the 16″ stock offerings. I had always planned to make them winter wheels, but things go the way they go and the wheel fairy never brought me a summer set.

  3. Also:

    I seem to remember there was a wheel bolt size change on the wheels for the R50/53. Some of the old designs were produced with the new hole size, some not. But you must know that, and you must know your 5 spokes will fit?

    1. I’ve been told by knowledgeable sources (Chad @ DT, Jerry @ ET), that they will fit. It’s going to be a test after I install the body to see how they look. If they look ok, I’m going to change the color to them via powder coating. White or black or I don’t know.

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