A busy month ahead

Get those calendars out gang!

February 5th & 6thPhil Wicks is finally coming to SoCal! With help from our good friends at Racerfactory.com the next event will be held on the big track at Willow Springs! This is open to all MINI & Mini’s, any preparation (yea, bring that trailered car out too!). Sign up here.

Having not done a PW event, but a few RF events, I’m sure this one, like the others will go off without a hitch! If you have ever wondered what your MINI will do on the track, this is the perfect opportunity! The instructors are great and the big track at Willow Springs should be fast!. Remember to that this isn’t racing, but instructional. If you are looking to make that 1 more mod, this is the best one you can do.

March 3rd – 6thA MINI Vaction in Vegas II is happening is, you guessed it, LAS VEGAS! You should get over there pretty soon to get your room reserved at the awesome rate. I attended this last year and it was a blast! The best part was having 80+ MINI’s crusing the Las Vegas Strip. A definite great time that I highly recommend!

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  1. Vegas is going to conflict with a few GREAT SoCal Events such as a CaliSpeedway Racing Weekend and HIN.
    Last year, vegas was…. a snore. Great for those who enjoy doing very little and saying alot.

  2. Vegas and the runs were fun but there were so many unfriendly cliques (sadly, including SCMM) that I’m not going back either. I’ll just upset the wife if I want to spend the day being ignored :)

  3. I’m a new MINI owner, and I’m VERY excited about going to AMVIV – and I know many other owners who are just as excited as I am. I’ve been reading many forums and blogs, and it just seems weird to me all the talk about the cliques or how it was boring. You know, last year was the FIRST year for the event. I’m sure it will be what we, as the participants, make of it. I plan on having a great time, no matter what.

  4. Oh yea…I forgot about the day at Cal Speedway. That would be totally awesome to be able to do!

    Julie…I don’t know about everyone else, but I for one had a GREAT time last year at amviv! More MINI’s than you could shake a stick at and some really great people! You’ll have a great time.

  5. Dude – you’re day(s) at Willow with Phil Wicks will be a blast!

    Thinking about it is giving me an itch to head to another one of the Phil Wicks Ultimate MINI weekends in the midwest this spring. Now that I’ve got lighter wheels and new tires, I’m eager to see how they’ll perform at the track.

  6. The runs were fun and Don is right that crusing the strip in the evening was a blast. I think if you are going with people or know people who are there you will have a great time. If you go totally on your own, like I did, then you may find it a pretty lonely event. [Is that a violin I hear!? :-) ]

  7. It’s just a social club… like SCMM. It’s about the destination not the trip. Not a true enthusiast’s club, liek the S2000 or many of the other groups one would find in the region. The vegas event is for a small social club looking to please the bigger social club. It can become intenesly boring.

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