Dyno Day

Some SCMM Members went out to see what the gain from all of those mods are today. Some impressive numbers were posted…

Michael posted 160.9 in his stock ’05 MCS. I swear those eyes gave him the extra .9

Twin twin charged MINI’s.

Yes, both above are supercharged AND turbo charged. The cool silver one there? That is a stock MCS with a turbo. pulled 250HP at the wheels!

Paul put down a very respectable 169HP.

I did manage to snap off a few more pics and posted them in the gallery.

I had 1 more great picture to post, but it got deleted. Sorry Phil :D

For those of you wondering, yes Ortega Hwy is finally open again. I’ll be back to the normal 2 hour daily commute on Monday. I can’t wait!

Still haven’t gone in for service. I had to cancel my last 2 appointments, mostly because I could not be without the MINI those days. I have finally rescheduled for this coming Thursday. I can’t wait to find out what’s triggering the airbag light.

Watch soon for the next big mileage milestone (can I say that?). I’m about 3 weeks from hitting 80,000! I called this last month I believe that I would hit 80K miles before Roxy turns 2. I’ll do that with time to spare. I might be closer to 90K than 80K by that time.

I’ve got some other things in the works, but not for certain yet. Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in later. No really. I promise, just as soon as I’m done talkin’ to the good lads at Crevier

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  1. so the big mods proved to limit some hp
    Glad I didn’t waste the extra beans on a JCW! This is just another point hit home about powermod myths.

  2. Yea, especially when a stock MCS is turning 160 @ the wheels. Something else interesting I noticed that the truly big gains (close to or slightly more than 200HP) were gained from doing real hot-rod mods like cam shaft and head work. That of course doesn’t count the twin charged MINI’s.

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