A Few Extra Days

Made a stop today to check on Roxy’s progress. Or, rather, Jerry’s progress with her. So far, so good. Our man is pretty thorough, as you can tell. He even took the time to clean the transmission while it was out of the car! Holy smokes.

Tearing things apart, he tells me everything looks as good as it should. The issue was that the clutch plate started to separate. He showed me what that meant (super awesome) and explained why it’s a problem (super awesomer). Let me look under the car where the subframe (currently on the floor) and transmission usually reside, and I’m amazed at how tidy everything still is.

Besides the clutch, he discovered the water pump was leaking. It’s getting replaced. And, since everything is apart, a new rear main seal too. Just in case. Along with a laundry list of other seals and misc. parts that didn’t really need to be replaced. Because that’s how Jerry rolls. He just tells me what he is doing. Doesn’t ask, just says “this is getting done” and that’s that.

Re-assembly in progress, I get a message, and it’s bad news. Turns out that the clutch fork, a very key component in the clutch actually working, has a very slight crack. The crack itself isn’t so much a problem. The fact that it caused the clutch fork to become bent is the problem. Also a problem since there is a very good chance that they only place to find a replacement (after a very short search) is Germany, where they have 30 of them in a box.

A quick call to our man, Mr. MINI Parts himself, Colin at MINI of Ontario earlier today found the required parts (and it’s associate bushings and whatnot). Those parts are now in a box on a UPS truck somewhere between Ontario, CA and Tempe, AZ. You can say it’s nice to know people. BTW, MINI of Ontario should always be on your go-to list of places to find stuff for your MINI. I mean, Colin had the Olympic scuttles, in stock!

Meanwhile, I am getting to spend some quality time with the Eurotechs “Mule”.


An Electric Blue, 2004 R53, riding on a some sweet wheels and airbags. Yea, we’ll be talking about that car in the very near future too!

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