Re: The New Clutch


The day after picking Roxy up from Eurotechs after getting her new clutch, I headed out on a drive with almost 40 others to the small town of Jerome. To get there, we drove a fantastic road called 12 Miles of Terror before continuing on through Kirkland Junction, Prescott and finally Jerome. Great scenery, great roads, and nice change in weather with rain and temps in the 60s. Added another 380 miles to the clock too.

The more I drive my car with the new clutch, the more I start to think that the last clutch job might not have been done quite right. Crunching into reverse and first has been the norm for me for at least the last 4 years. Those issues are now gone. She also seems to be moving better than before, possibly resulting in slightly better MPG. Not much, just a little. But, it could just be that new clutch smell. I don’t know. I am starting to think that the broken clutch fork is something that has been an issue on my MINI since before the last clutch was installed. Too bad I don’t have any kind of warranty, because that job cost me so much, it would be illegal for me to actually share it with you here.

Everything is working better than it was before. While I hate having to keep having to do these kinds of major repairs, my list keeps getting shorter and I do see a light at the end of this particular tunnel. The only major repairs that I have left is the oil pan gasket (stupid expensive) and power steering hoses (again, stupid expensive). Just need to build up the budget for those, since both, I expect, will cost over $500 each (the majority of that cost is the parts). Yea, like I said, stupid expensive.

One thing that I do like about these repairs is getting a new car back. A car that drives like she is supposed to. Run like she is supposed to and feel like she is supposed to. That part I like.

Less than 25,000 to go. How should I celebrate?

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