A new post

for those of you that are reading this, I do appologize for not posting anything in a few days. ok, so it has been a week, but there is nothing new to report at this time. Roxy is still on the boat, 34 days and counting. she is still due at port on Tuesday the 17th (day after tomorrow). i do not, as of yet, have an estimated delivery date, but i think a call to crevier in the morning will get some more information there. and, i am still hopefull for a pre-XMAS delivery.

Otherwise, all of the christmas shopping is done. picked up a couple of gift certificates from BestBuy today to finish it off. the tree is up, so are the lights. so, let’s just get this holiday over with already. I don’t mean to sound like a grinch, but I just really didn’t get it this year. i don’t know why, and i can’t explain it, but the christmas spirit just didn’t hit me. oh well.

I’ll post again after finding out an estimated delivery date tomorrow, I hope!
more later