Misc. ramblings and other junk

Another round of thanx for those of you who have signed the guestbook! I appreciate knowing who’s been checkin it out! Also, for those of you that have expressed your thanks and appreciation for the links and other whatnot that I have posted here, you are most welcome! I’ve been dying for some kind of content to put on that site, and I think MINI stuff is about the best you can get (well, unless I wanted to make a ton of cash, then I’d have to put some porn or something there instead…LOL).

Big MINI meet in San Diego yesterday that I missed. Just couldn’t bare to show up in the rat mobile with all of those really cool MINI’s. besides, had to stay home and do some chores that have been falling behind.

And, the MINI is now in the Pacific! WooHOO. cleared the canal yesterday and she should be landing Sunday at Port Hueneme (will someone please tell me if I am spelling this right?).

I don’t think I have anything else for now…
more later