a new problem

I had the software update last week to correct the smog problem. Doing this put Roxy up to version 39 ECU software.

As I mentioned, it didn’t fix anything. Now, about 1,000 miles later, she is actually running worse.

Now the airbag light is on. Happened last week just a couple of days after getting the ECU flash. Of course I called. It could be a problem with something relating to the passenger side of the car, or the airbags could have gone off or failed.

Yea, appointment is getting made today. I’m only about 1,000 out for service anyway. Hopefully they will get it taken care of.

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  1. I went to book mine in for the smog thingy and was told they were booking out 8-10 weeks in advance and I should just wait until I need my next service (in 7800 miles). I think I might try again once Brecht’s has their new bays open. I just know if I wait that long they’ll tell me the ‘offer’ has expired.

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