Toys For Tots Weekend

So, actually managed to get out and do a couple of events this weekend! Yea, I know huh? First up hung out with mostly SCMM members at the River’s Edge in Seal Beach. A few Cabrio’s, Mr. turbo’d MCS and, of course, Roxy! Anyway, it was cool just hanging out, and the weather was perfect for having breakfast at the beach!

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Then today was the Toys for Tots Run. 57 MINI’s and 2 Mini’s meetup in Encinitas, cruised the coast to Camp Pendleton. We then caravaned (yes, all 59 of us!) through the base to the Air Station where we got to check out some helicopters. We were actually supposed to leave toys here, but the Corporal only brought 2 boxes, and we had 10 full boot loads! Instead, we had to go to the main warehouse to drop off our goods, including a MINI Pedal Car generously donated by Crevier MINI!


You can see all of the gallery pics here

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  1. Let’s see…Only 57 SCMM members…Huh…out of 500+ members…Sad…Kudos to those that did show though…I did my giving last weekend on my own***RB

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