AMVIV, Almost


That’s right gang, A MINI Vacation in Vegas starts this week! I was ready back in March, but now I’m really ready and **very** excited to go.

But, before the massive drive across the Arizona and Nevada deserts can happen, I _really_ should install the fine front control arm bushings that I procured from our good man Chad from Detroit Tuned. And that will be happening later today and tomorrow by the good lads at MINI of Tempe. That, along with a 4-wheel alignment should have my MINI driving like new, and I’m very excited!

I’ve mentioned this on the show, but one of the reasons I like to order from DT is because Chad makes sure that I order the correct parts for my MINI, and the correct quantity. For example, with these control arm bushings, I almost order 2 _sets_, not 2 bushings. He caught it, refunded the amount I over paid and let me know what he did.

If you are going to AMVIV, come find me. I’ll be hanging out with Todd as he installs graphics, or I’ll be walking around taking photos or I’ll be in Jack’s Pub enjoying a very large Guiness.

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