AMVIV Raises 5K

AMVIV SaturdayOne of the big events at AMVIV this year was a run out to Nelsons Landing, finishing at the Safe House Show and Shine. Which is just a fancy way of saying a car show to benefit a very cool cause.

In total, $5,000 was raised for Safe House! It was a big enough deal that the Las Vegas Sun and the local Fox station sent reporters out to the scene.

>About 500 Mini owners are in Las Vegas for their annual Mini Vacation in Vegas convention, and owners of 36 of the most tricked-out cars made the trip to Henderson to compete in the inaugural show, which raised more than $5,000 for the shelter.

>The Sin City Mini Club, which organized the event, donated $2,000, as did the Desert Mini of Las Vegas dealership. Entry fees and donations from car owners added another $1,000, and donations collected during the show were expected to raise a few hundred dollars more.

They also took the chance to talk to yours truly about the MINI.

>But the fun doesn’t stop on the outside, said California resident Don Burnside, who has put 207,000 miles on his Mini since he bought it new in 2003.

>”It’s a very unique automobile,” Burnside said. “It’s unlike anything else you see on the road, and that’s just looking at it. Then you drive it — there’s really no way to describe how awesome it is to drive a Mini.”

It was cool. Huge congrats to SSM Sin City MINI Club and everyone involved!


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