I feel inspired


Going through my morning routine before finishing my AMVIV write-up (should be up later today) and I came across this story via nytimes.com.

>Mr. Ash, a vice president for sales at Gould Paper, was standing inside the parking garage in Chelsea where he has kept the two-door sports car since he bought it new for around $6,300. After three decades of his careful stewardship, the silver 280Z has covered nearly 330,000 miles.

The car is a ’75 280z, back when it was called Datsun with a whopping 149hp. Back in the day, this was the car every little boy (including me, but probably not Gabe since he wasn’t born yet) drooled over everytime you saw one on the road.

It’s made me rethink my MINI. If someone else can manage to keep a car running for **30 years**, through who knows how many problems, personal _or_ mechanical, then why shouldn’t I be able to keep a 5 year old MINI running for another 5 years or more?

Things have been tough, I won’t lie. But, they are looking up. Not up enough to afford to get my car fixed in one shot, but possibly enough for me to start tackling some of the repairs myself.


I know I can do my own brakes. Need to replace rotors and pads, plus flush the system. Easy enough. I’m pretty sure I could tackle a spring/shock install after I borrow a tool or 2 from the rental yard or Dad’s shed. Rear upper control arms I can do as well, and maybe even a new rear sway bar. That makes up the majority of the work I need to do to my MINI. With the money I save in doing these repairs myself, I could probably afford to get it to a shop to have the rest of the front end work done.

Now I’m excited!