AMVIV Update

For those of you that missed the latest AMVIV update.

>First, the basics, in case you haven’t heard. AMVIV8 will be May 19 – 22, 2011 at Palace Station. Second, our new website is online and operational. Many, many thanks to DB for his hard work and patience, and to Craig of COOPERation for a fantastic new banner. Finally, we’re sending a shout out to the artistic folks in our community. It has worked out so well in the past, we are asking again. If you’d like to see your designs on the merchandise for AMVIV8, here’s your chance. The AMVIV 8 Design Contest is now open. This year we’re looking for four designs – 1 each for the front and back of the event shirt, 1 for the front of the event hat, and one for the grille badge. Full details can be found on the website. The deadline for artwork submittals is December 1, 2010 – the address for submittals and for questions if you have them is:

Sure it’s self-serving on a couple of different levels since I built the site. I don’t normally share these things with you here, but I’m very pleased with how this turned out and I’m excited for the features that will be coming in the near future, including a way to keep AMVIV attendees updated during the event. It will be magical.

And, yes, White Roof Radio will be there.

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