Geeks Drive MINIs

I’m a geek. That is a pretty well known fact. Wil Wheaton, too, is a geek. Another well known fact. Turns out his wife drives a MINI and when he gets to drive it, he gets excited about the chance to do the ‘MINI wave’.

>”I’m totally going to do the Mini wave,” I said. The Mini wave is something our friend Troy told us about when Anne got her car. He said that, by owning a Mini, we were granted admission to a secret club with other Mini owners who will park next to us, wave at us, and let us change lanes in front of them in traffic.

>I waited until the appropriate moment, and lifted my left hand off the wheel, shaking it quickly to one side and back. It’s a very cool move that I may or may not have practiced a few dozen times to get just right.

>I waited for the oncoming Mini driver to return the gesture, acknowledging and thus solidifying our mutual relationship in the secret Mini club, but it passed us without so much as a glance, much less the Mini wave I’d been so excited to receive.

A fun read if you have the time. via.

Nice to know that even Hollywood types don’t get the wave either. I was starting to think it was me.

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  1. Haven’t had a wave back in two years but I keep waving. I think some have gotten tired of of the no wave back or are just embarrassed that you might not get a wave back, but for whatever reason it seems dead unless at a MINI event. Kinda sad as it was once a big part of our culture for sure. I have a tshirt I sell that states “Wave Damn it!” but of course no one sees it as I’m in my car when I wear it…;-)

    Maybe when I get my 500 Abarth we’ll have a Italiano wave.

  2. Waves have pretty much died, sad to say I think there are a majority of MINI drivers out there that now consider their MINIs to be an appliance. Not quite to the Honda level but surely creeping there day by day. I think MINI’s success is widely responsible for this and with the R60 I think more appliances are going to be sold in the not to distant future.

    I am with you Robert, I am anxiously thinking about adding a 500 Abarth when/if they come state side as my commuter car. Once again the lovely feeling from the early days of MINI are likely to be remembered when I don’t see another for many days or weeks and when I do the excitement of two enthusiast driver once again.

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