An Argument for Automatic Transmissions

After driving 1 week.

See that above? The number on the left I mean (although 233,658 total miles is impressive, right?). That is the total distance I drove over 7 days, but only reflects 5 days of driving. Equally impressive, right?

Now, looking at that number, imagine the final 180 miles. A distance that, at the legal limit, should take approximately 3 hours to travel. A distance that I was not able to travel at the legal limit and took me twice as long.

Imagine again, if you will, driving in an urban environment. You drive a block and stop. Drive another block and stop again. Repeat.

For 180 miles.

I would have given my left leg for an automatic yesterday. Sure the automatic transmission in the MINI is horrible, especially in traffic. Sure, automatics in general suck the life and soul out of driving an automobile. Sure Gabe would certainly call-out my manhood if I drove an auto. But yesterday, it would have been nice.

From this point forward, if you live in 92xxx and drive to 90xxx, I promise to not give you grief about driving an automatic. At least not too much. You’ll hear more about this in the next show on Monday night.

Tomorrow is the MINI of Ontario mini golf tournament and WC-50 silent auction. If you want to get in on the auction, there is still time. Give them a call and talk to sales manager Dan for the details. If you want to play mini golf, all the spots are already full, but you could maybe sneak in otherwise. After mini golf, there will be a bit of a party at the dealership that should be a lot of fun.

I’ll be there. Who else is going?

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