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Much to the contrary of the following note, I don’t get these kinds of messages often. Sure is nice when I do.

>Hello Don:

>My name is Mike, and I stumbled upon your blog late one night about a month ago. I was sicker than dog, and couldn’t sleep, somehow found your blog and enjoyed reading it through that night. The raw and open telling of your fight to purchase a MINI was surprisingly engaging, and your story telling stayed with well after I shut the computer down in the wee hours of that morning. I kept thinking to myself that this guy who bravely revealed his every struggle in finding his dream car should be applauded.

>I’m certain that you have been praised many times over the years that passed since you began this blog, but I wanted to add my voice to those of the readers who have come, gone and stayed.

>There are some parallels, by the way. For instance, we were looking for MINIs at the same dealership at the same time. Though different, I faced some challenges as well. I adored that MINI I purchased from Crevier from the very first day I purchased it, through this evening when I parked it in the garage and smiled as I closed the garage door and found myself taking one more quick peek over my shoulder to admire the little guy.

>I haven’t the miles you have on your MINI, because I use another car for work on most days, but I’ve been grateful for every mile I’ve traversed in my MINI. So, I understand and relate to you when I read about your missing piece of trim, your indecision concerning your side scuttle, the love and care that you provide your car, and your enthusiasm and devotion.

>Anyway, I just wanted to drop a you a note of “thanks” for telling your story, and for all you are doing for the brand. I’ve read Motoring File for awhile, but had never read your personal blog before, and was quite surprised to finish it and then later trace it back to you, its editor. Though I’ve entertained fleeting thoughts of trading my car up for a MINI with greater horsepower or the newest features, I find myself unable to part with the MINI that currently has a place in my garage, and will always have a place in my heart. In this regard, reading your blog revealed to me a kindred spirit of sorts. I’ll look forward to returning to your personal blog, and (of course) revisiting MotoringFile

Thank you again Mike for taking the time to write in! It is notes like these that remind me (and the WRR boys) why we love this little car so much and why we keep doing what we do!

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  1. If I may also join in the love-fest…

    I’ve really appreciated all of your efforts both here and on MotoringFile/WRR. You’ve become the chewy center of the MINI enthusiast community as far as I’m concerned. Keep it up!

    On an un-MINI note, you and Gabe both — through MotoringFile and your other web properties — have modeled very effectively for me what I consider to be “the right way” to run a blog, a podcast, a Tumblr, and especially a Twitter account. Your example has not only helped me build a rewarding creative outlet, but it’s helped me in my career. You introduced me to RSS for crap’s sake! And the term “for crap’s sake!” Thanks for all your help both direct and indirect and for making yourself so available.

  2. You’ve become the chewy center of the MINI enthusiast community as far as I’m concerned

    So, are you saying I’m fat?

    Thanks fellas!

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