Another first

This is something that hasn’t happened to me in a very long time, but today I had a blowout!

Nothing serious. I managed to run over a nail sometime within the last few days. air leaked out, tire got low which also caused it to get fairly hot. I added air to get it to a shop, but that caused the tire (Yokohama AVS ES 100) to bubble on the inside sidewall. The bubble rubbed. I managed to get about 2 miles before POP!

Not having anyone nearby to help, and it was only a flat tire, I decided to go ahead and test out the MINI tool kit.

First to figure out how to remove the spare. Took a few minutes, but soon it dropped right down to the ground.

Then, I had to jack her up. Normally I do this with a fairly nice floor jack. A few pumps and she is good to go. The factory jack is a crank model, but the way it stands makes it pretty simple. Took about a dozen turns and she was airborne. Everything else worked as usual.

Anyway, it was different. Thanks to the good lads at Discount Tire/America’s Tire, I was on my way with a new tire in about an hour, and it only cost my $27 (oh yea, gotta love that warranty).

Sorry, no pic. But the sidewall was definitely split. Anyone else have a problem collecting road debris with their Yoko’s?

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