It’s taken a solid week. A solid week of scraping, huffing goof off and more time with a hot air gun than a professional hair stylist. And, the results of that time spent are finally what I expect from my car.

It’s not perfect. At least, not yet. I have only done an initial cleaning. In this case, that means getting rid of **all** of the exterior vinyl (yes, the lizards are gone!), cleaning up all of the goo, claybar and polish where the old graphics were, claybar everywhere else and 1 coast of Meguair’s Tech Wax (2 on the boot and bonnet). I can say he is looking pretty sharp so far.

At this point, I’m giving him a grade of ‘good enough’. Prior to heading to Vegas for AMVIV, another polish will be in order, depending on the power of the Arizona sun. There is still a barely visibly line where the clear bra used to be that I’m hoping completely matches in the next few months.

I’m still shocked at the overall state this MINI was in. I have never had to use so much clay on a car in my life. I’ve also not seen clay so dirty after being used, but I used to keep Roxy in really great shape as you know. I’m pretty sure this is the first time this MINI has seen a coat of wax and I’m also sure that it hasn’t been this clean since it left the dealers lot in 2008.

Other than 1 more solid cleaning, there are a few other exterior mods that I am going to do before AMVIV. In short order, the MINI emblem on the bonnet needs to be replaced. I’m also going to install a new set of mirror caps (totally not worth cleaning the clear bra residue from these), and looking into doing something with the side markers. I might get a set of [chrome scuttles]( from OutMotoring and add in the clear side marker lights, or go crazy and do something to this. I haven’t decided yet.

Next big exterior mod will be wheels. Stay tuned!

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  1. db: Bruce is looking great, looking forward to meeting him in person at AMVIV. Hope to see you both at Motorama on Saturday AM if not before.

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