The Pieces Are Coming Together Nicely

Bruce white wheels

Title cribbed from a Facebook comment by our man John in Philly. And, he is correct. The pieces are coming together nicely. For those of you that can’t quite tell what is new, it would be the 17″ Sparco wheels, white, that Bruce is now rolling on. Picked these up from [Mr. Eurotechs]( for a song (Thanks Jerry!) and I think they look fabulous. Also, for the record, this is the first time in my life that I have ever had after market wheels on a car!

The only issue I have with this new setup (that I would have had with the stock wheels once I put proper tires on them), is how high this MINI rides. Check out the photo above. Now, check out this shot of Roxy, taken in the exact same spot.


In the rear, Roxy had a little tuck. In the front, there was no noticeable gap. On Bruce, he looks like a dune buggy! That’s **inches** of gap! Now, [Todd]( or [Gabe]( would suggest that I go to an 18″ wheel. Since neither of them are offering to keep me supplied with tires, I’ll stick to 17″. That just means the next exterior mod will be suspension, for sure. Details on that to follow later.

The next mods that will actually be coming before [AMVIV]( are interior mods, courtesy our friends over at CravenSpeed. They will be the **brand new** [shift knob]( and the [XXL Flexpod]( Expect a full review of both of those later this week over at [White Roof Radio]( I’m pretty excited!

Also happening pre-AMVIV will be new floor mats. I know that, for reasons passing understanding, you guys and gals like your rubber mats. I get it, you live where it snows and there is salt and other stuff on the bottom of your shoes for a good part of the year. Well, here in the desert southwest, we barely get rain, let alone snow. And I prefer the comfort and the look of carpet mats. I’ll be hitting up OutMotoring for those.

So far, here is what I have done.

* Removed the stripes, roof graphics and most of the clear bra material
* Complete exterior detail (another planned for later in the month)
* Installed JCW Body kit
* Installed JCW Side Scuttles with clear markers
* Added 17″ Sparco wheels, white

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  1. Nice read …………………….enjoyed getting updated about Bruce ,I always enjoyed the reads about Roxy but theres just something about Bruce ……..maybe its his smile

      1. I’m sure it’s the green but if you took a pic of the front it would his smile

  2. Wow. Those wheels really work. Looks great. Do you think you will add some stripes down the road?

    I’m still sporting the original 5 Star Spooler 15s on my R56. Mine is Pepper White with a black roof. I’m thinking of going with the Black Star Bullets, but they are pricey.

    Interested to see what you do to your suspension.

    1. I’m staying stripe free for the time being. After all of the hastle removing the old stripes and clear bra, I’m not keen on repeating that. EVER! :D

      Black Star bullets look hot on Pepper White. Keep an eye on eBay, the Buy/Sell MINI group on Facebook and even your local dealer. Sometimes they end up with take offs and sell them cheap!

      Suspension will probably be coil-overs and a rear sway bar. This is going to be later in the summer. I’m going to finish some interior mods first, namely stereo, before getting on that.

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