2015-02-22 15.49.38

This is as far as I have gotten with the clean up. So far, the stripes are gone, as is one of the lizards from the roof. If you are curious, it’s the 6 that I have removed, the 9 still remains. I think.

What you are seeing above is the culmination of 6 hours worth of work. That includes remove the clear bra, cleaning the gunk left behind, removing the stripes, cleaning the entire mess, claybar, polish (Meguir’s #2) and wax. Yes, on the body kit, but only the front end. Oh yea, and half the roof, where the 6 lizard used to be.

It’s clear to me that whomever owned this MINI previously did not take very good care of it. The paint, while in pretty good appearance, is very rough. Clay bar not enough rough, hence the polish. I expect to have it to my standards in about another week.

Also completed is the body kit. Fully installed and, if I can be so bold, it looks really kick ass! Side skirts and rear bumper removed and installed, mostly, by yours truly. Our man Jerry took care of the front and provided guidance/assistance on the rest. Eurotechs is one of the best MINI shops on the west coast, and this is why. Jerry rules.

Oh, the body kit? Photos below. Still phone photos. Once the exterior is all cleaned up as I like, full big camera photo shoot will happen.

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    1. It is. But it’s not high quality vinyl. It’s tissue paper thin. After 1 more summer it would be horrible to remove. It’s gotta go now.

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