The First Mod

Body kit pieces. Install next week after curing. #JCW #mini #paintedarches #suckit

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We return to find our hero contemplating his list of mods…

As I have already mentioned on the show, for those of you that haven’t heard it, Bruce’s first mod is almost on the books and that is in the shape of a JCW Body kit. It’s painted and assembled, sitting on the floor at [Eurotechs]( waiting to be installed. I was hoping to have photos for you this week, but that will have to wait until next.

I was able to _assist_ with putting the kit together, mostly. With help, that part took an hour. Looking at the actual install, I’m expecting this to push the limits of my levels of frustration. With the clips and other small, non-standard pieces of plastic that need to go here and everywhere, I can just tell this is going to make me twitch. I’m comforted, slightly, by the fact that Jerry is going to let me install it at the shop and provide supervison/assistance where needed.

Still in the works is graphics removal. I am at the point in the clear bra removal where I want to find the man at 3M responsible for the invention of clear bra. I would like to by him a beer so I can pour it into his lap and smash the glass into his face before I make fun of his dog. Removing this is the worst thing I have ever had to do. I knew it was going to be bad, I had no idea how bad. I can’t recommend against installing clear bra enough. It’s truly a horrible product. It’s ugly, hides the shine of the paint and, when the time comes to actually remove it because it has fully baked to the finish of your car, it’s a serious pain in the dick to remove.

Now that I have that out of my system, let’s list out the next steps in my modifications, shall we?

1. Wheels
Once the body kit is installed I’ll determine the size. For now, I’m leaning towards a 17″ wheel. And they will be white. I might do a 16″, maybe.

2. Suspension
Once I have the wheels I like, I can determine what I need to do to get the ride height I want. I’m going to stick to lowering springs and upgraded struts instead of coil-overs (since those would be overkill) and a rear sway bar, which might happen sooner than later.

3. Noise
I’m liking how quiet this MINI is, but a little more growl would be nice. I’m thinking an intake would help in that department and improve breathing, slightly. I know it won’t be much for power, but that’s not my goal as much. Just a little more feedback when I do use the right pedal.

Wheels and body kit by [AMVIV]( are my goals right now. Springs would be awesome, but not sure if I’ll be able to squeeze those into the budget in time.

Photos after a bath and the body kit install should be up this weekend. I’m really excited to see it and to show you guys!

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  1. Don, I’ve got a set of NM springs for a R56 that I probably won’t use. If the NM amount of drop is of interest to you, I will make you a great deal….

  2. Thanks Mike! If you get an offer, don’t turn it down since I’m not looking to do that until April, but when the time comes I’ll ask you for sure!

  3. By the time you upgrade springs and struts, you might have spent as much or more than coil-overs. Ask Jerry about ’em. I was planning the springs and upgraded front struts, but did the math….

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