brakes are done!

Just finished upgrading the rear brakes to Powerslot Rotors and EBC Greenstuff pads. I can barely report on them since I’ve driven less than 10 miles, but I can tell they made a HUGE difference!

After 43K miles in a year, the rear pads were very worn. Passenger side inside pad has almost no pad left on it, and all of the other pads were worn to less than half of the thickness of the EBC pads. I was amazed!

The OEM rotors were in much better shape than the fronts, as I expected. They weren’t grooved and appeared to not be warped (using my very scientific wobble test).

Install was a breeze EXCEPT for re-compressing the piston. They have to be pushed in AND turned at the same time. Which means that it is a 3 handed job, unless you have the special tool that you know has to exist.

Full report on overall stopping power I will be able to give by the end of the week after the rear pads have fully seated and broken themselves into the rotors.

And, last week while at Crevier for service I looked at the car care rack of products and lo and behold if they didn’t have the entire line of Meguiar’s NXT products! So, if you are in OC, having a hard time finding the Meguiars NXT products in your local store and don’t want to order online, you now have a new option.