It’s been a year?

Holy cow! Where did it go?

Yes, 1 year ago today I drove Roxy home from Crevier MINI. Heck, back then she had 16 miles on the clock and her only mods were packages 1, 2 & 3 from the factory.

She has been in the shop for every service visit (today included) and some that were warranty related. Besides normal service, the following have been done:
Rear hatch repaired
Squeaky transmission made to unsqueak
Steering wheel replaced
Drivers side seat rear seatback replaced and recoved. Seat also recovered
Passenger seat repaired
ECU reprogrammed, twice
Stereo repaired (no AM)
Passenger seatbelt connector replaced
drivers side door handle repaired

Sure it may seem like a lot, but I didn’t expect much buying a car built the very first year. Yea, she was actually born on 11/16/02.

There are many things that I have done for her too! I have:
Tinted the windows (35% all the way around)
Added the K&N Typhoon Intake
Added the Borla Exhaust
Added Magnecore 8.5MM plug wires
Replace the front brakes with Powerslot rotors and EBC Greenstuff pads
Covered her in enough Meguiar’s products to make her almost bullet proof.
Got her a new pair of shoes (Yokohama AVS ES 1000)
Made her this spiffy website, including her own photo album.

For our anniversary, I will be replacing the OEM rear brakes with new spiffy ones like I did on the front and giving her a rear sway bar from one of her MCS brothers! (Thanks Rory!).

What has she done for me? Besides give me 43K miles of pure, unadulterated motoring pleasure? She has introduced me to some of the nicest people that I have ever met. She has got me to take her to the track to learn to drive her even better and faster than I thought possible. She has kept me safe from the elements on drives to Solvang and other points north. She gives me the perfect place to plan my day in the morning and forget about my day in the afternoon.

She has yet to get me into any trouble, but I have a strange feeling that might change over the course of the next year. I know for sure that it will be fun, if not extremely interesting!