Bushings and Mounts

Big day for Roxy today. Let’s start with this.

I tried to catch it at 254,000 on the dot, but I was moving. Safety first!

This happened almost immediately after I picked her up from a visit to Jerry over at Eurotechs. Today he replaced the passenger-side axle and motor mounts. I say mounts because I went ahead and had all 3 replaced. Yes, 3. Two on the engine, one one the transmission. But you already knew that.

I knew I had to get this done when one morning about 3 weeks ago I started her up and there was a vibration. I’ve felt vibrations before, but I’ve never felt (or heard) anything like this before. I honestly thought the windows were going to jump right out of the doors! And loud. And horrible to drive. Added by the fact that the CV boot on the axle was completely torn and the entire unit had dried out.

Not a happy MINI.

But no more friends, no more! When I started my MINI at the shop it was odd. It was a feeling that I can’t recall feeling in my MINI. It was smooth and quiet. Then I drove it and was shocked. I was thinking I was overdue for new shocks and a major tune-up. Now, not so much. All from 3 mounts and an axle.

If memory serves, motor mounts have been on the list of things to do for quiet some time. Quite possible since before 150k miles. But for what the dealer charges, I’m sure I couldn’t afford it. Now I really wish I would have. It’s really amazing the difference.

I had all of the parts replaced, done before noon at a cost of just a hint over $600. Sure, that’s a lot of money, but I had a lot of work done that was beyond needing to be done. Besides, the dealer would have cost me at least double that amount, maybe more.

So, yea. Good MINI day over here.

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