More repairs this week

It may seem like it’s been pretty quiet around here, but that is far from the truth. Last weekend, as you already know, we celebrated the 6th year & 400th episode of The World Famous White Roof Radio!. Before that I got the chance to spend an entire day in the MotoringFile Countryman. You can read about it at or wait until later this week when I’ll be reposting it here at dbmini.

Coming up this week I was going to go to SEMA, but just couldn’t swing the time off. I also wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get a few more repairs done to Roxy that would have been required before I drove 300 miles across the Nevada and Arizona deserts. Turns out, those repairs will be happening this week!

Motor mounts, both the upper and lower, are getting replaced on Tuesday so I will no longer have to worry about the engine falling out or the doors vibrating off. At the same time, the right side axle is getting replaced. Sure it was already replaced back in 2009, but it was a remanufactured piece and it’s never been very solid. Now it’s bad enough to worry me every day I drive, so I’m glad I’m getting this one taken care of.

Next up I need to be thinking about shocks. What are you guys using that are OEM +? I’m not looking to drop $1600 on a set of coil-overs, just something to replace the SS shocks that I have now.

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  1. If you plan to keep the suspension at stock height, Koni FSD shocks are ideal for street driving. They improve both the ride and handling.

  2. also, it’s fairly easy and common to pick up a pair of used coils. i spent ~$500 on a fairly used set if kw_v1 and they haven’t given me any trouble.

    1. Great tip! I’m not really interested in going the coil over route right now. New cant afford them and the idea of used suspension parts isn’t that appealing to me.

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