Can you say upside down

So, after talking to the creative finance manager at Crevier today I got some good news. He thought that he should be able to bury the difference of the rat mobile into the MINI loan, which is ok, especially since the MINI loan’s interest rate, while astronomically high (which I expected) is still better by about 2 points than the loan on the rat mobile. But, there is still yet a hitch in my giddyup. Took the car in to have them appraise it (ok, it’s a 1999 Mits. Mirage w/120K on the clock) and they say it’s worth $1800 to them. Ouch! especially since I still owe over 7K on it!

I just hope that the payment doesn’t get any higher than $600. Don’t think I could pay more for a car than I do on rent! yIkEs

Hope y’all are having a good weekend. If you haven’t already, take a minute and check out the chat room that I set up. we had quite a crowd in there this afternoon (there isn’t anyone there now), and I only hope that more people come and check it out!

more later