Now I’m not so sure

went to talk to the dealer today. got them the rest of the docs that they needed, but my advisor and the finance manager have their wires crossed. my advisor tells me my payment is going to be such and such at a kick ass (for me) interest rate, but when I do the math, the interest rate that I’m told, with my down payment, would get me a car that costs close to $40,000! That, and there is another new issue…in order for them to get me financing, I’m going to have to turn in my current car. I wasn’t antipating that, and it could cause me to have to cancel my order altogether. The problem is that I am TERRIBLY upside down on my current vehicle. I’d be lucky to get $3,000 for it on trade, but still owe close to $9,000. adding an additional $6,000 to my purchase and the interest rate that I am figuring, makes me paying about $45,000 for a MINI Cooper S! (quite abit over both the $19,000 MSRP and my $25,500 purchase price). I hate this crap