Casino to Casino

BIG run yesterday. Yea, I broke down and actually did one for a change! It was close, so I figured why not?

Jim Skater put together a fantastic, if not slightly ambitious, run through the mountains of San Diego county. From Pala Casino:

Then, ran up Palomar Mountain, down to Lake Henshaw, over to Mesa Grande and through Winona Road into Julian. From there, it was down to Alpine and back up to Pala. Close to 200 miles, start to finish.

It was amazing to see alot of the burn areas from last years wildfires coming back to life. Lots of green grass and even some flowers, with the hulk of burned trees rising up from the ground. Almost surreal.

More pictures can be found in the gallery.

And, congratulations to Brad & Karin who celebrated their -1 year anniversary yesterday! Or, the negaversary as it’s called. 1 year from yesterday they will be married in Napa Ca. Congrats guys!