catching up

Been a busy week and change. Lesse…

Last weekend the lad and I headed out to race go-carts with SCMM at Go Cart World

Photo courtesy Phil Suptin
That is in fact, yours truly, scootin’ around the track at about 40MPH. Yea, they were pretty fast carts! They run the races in teams of 2 or 3 for 1 hour and the only thing you have to do is switch drivers at least twice. Whoever completes the most laps wins.

Unfortuneately the team that was made up of myself, teh lad and the Brad had to run 1 man short due to teh lad not being age 16 yet. Then, there were a few crazy spin-outs that docked us a lap. Then a drive belt failure cost us some serious time as well. And the sun was in my eyes. And I pinched my toe. And whatever other excuse I can come up with before letting you know that Brad and I turned less laps than anyone. Oh well, it was still an awesome time and I would do it again in a second! Which I say enthusiastically since I’m no longer sore from squeezing my fat ass into that tiny plastic seat for the better part of 30 minutes.

And, since the lad couldn’t drive, we stuck around a little while after so he could get in some track time.

He still beat everyone in his group on the same track we just raced on. I swear when that boy gets old enough he is going to be tough to beat!

It’s going to be pretty slow around these parts for the next couple weeks. With Christmas and 1 more podcast and family and junk, not going to have too much time to post. I will be posting a year end wrap-up the last week of December for sure.

Hope your holidays are awesome and motoring filled!

See lots more pics of the go-cart racing here.