City driving isn’t how you do it

I’ve had a bit of time on my hands for the last few weeks. I also haven’t had my tortuous commute. So, I thought it would be a good week to brush up on my Hypermiling skills.

For almost the entire week I had less than 100 miles of highway driving. All of it city, or what I consider consider city where I live. Lots of roads with speeds between 40 & 45MPH. Not too many stops and not a lot of traffic.

My biggest tool? Using the gear box. I was shifting at 3K RPMs, coasting up to stop signs/lights and letting my foot off the throttle on downhills (in gear coasting, not neutral coasting). I haven’t changed the pressure in my tires or replaced my airfilter element.

Quick reminder, I’m driving a 2003 MINI Cooper, not an MCS. I have installed a K&N Typhoon Intake and Borla Exhaust. Oh yea, I also have 189K miles on the odometer. Most of this was also with the A/C running as the temps have been over 100F/37C all week.

Total miles driven: 358.7

Total gallons used: 12.0

Total MPG: 29.9

The on-board computer said I was good for another 30 miles which sounds about right for the gallon of fuel left in the tank.

The reason I say city driving isn’t how you do it is because I know, in my car at 70MPH, I can go well over 400 miles on a tank of gas.

Nice to know I can still get 30. But man is the driving boring. The things you gotta do when you need to make a tank of gas last a week.

What techniques have you used and/or what kind of mileage are you getting these days?

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  1. I tried some of the things mentioned in the hypermiling list and it has increased the mileage somewhat (only half way through the first tank). The biggest thing I notice is how much I piss off the people behind me at lights, whether slowing down by coasting or by getting off the light very slowly. Some guys (and it’s always guys) will zip around me and cut me off. I’m trying to stay calm about this but the urge to step on it a give chase is very strong.

  2. I completely understand Mike. I got the same exact thing for a week. But, if it’s a matter of getting gas on Wednesday vs. getting gas on Saturday, saving me about 1 tank (@$50), well, they can wait. LOL

    My hardest part was trying to avoid the idiots. There are times when you just have to down shift, go, calm your self and resume normal ops.

    But it can be done. Good on ya for trying!

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