Not terribly MINI Related

Getting caught up in the time-suck know as YouTube.

A good number of you are fans of Top Gear. Since the beginning I would imagine. There are also some of you, like myself, that are also fans but came a bit late to the party (season 9 or 10). And, like myself, I’m sure you’ve wondered about that beat-up Toyota Pick-up that’s they display in the studio.[VTV].avi

Well, you can wonder no more. The BBC has been uploading Top Gear clips to YouTube at a prodigious rate. Some of the clips include Killing a Toyota, Part 1, Killing a Toyota, Part 2a and Killing a Toyota, Part2b.

Update. Josh found part 1 that I could embed, so here you go.

It’s a 1990’s Toyota Hi-Lux Diesel. They beat it up pretty well, left it in the ocean for about 7 hours (completely submerged), dropped a travel trailer on it, smashed it with a wrecking ball, caught it on fire and put it on top of a very tall building as it was demolished. After all that.

It still ran. And moved!

Pretty remarkable. If you are looking for a way to not do any work on this fine Friday, and you have already registered for MTTS, then might I recommend these three videos. I would have put them here, but the BBC has disabled embedding on quite a bit of it’s content on YouTube. At least it’s there!

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